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Random Stat: Turnover Type Leaders

Q: Do you have the statistics for palming/carry violations called on players this season by any chance? -- John P.

A: Indeed we do, although not by chance! Let's take an in-season look at several of the more common turnover types...

Offensive Fouls
 Curry NYK 68
 Stoudemire PHO 55
 Randolph POR 47
 Arenas WAS 42
 Howard ORL 41
 Anthony DEN 41
 Gordon CHI 39
 Mourning MIA 38
 Chandler NOK 36
 Ellis GSW 36

Mr. Curry has a sizeable lead this season, not a shock given he was last year's "winner" in this category.

While the top ten is primarily the lovable lugs in the post types who muscle their smaller defenders out of the way with a little too much vigor on occasion, there are a sprinkling of the fearless drivers as well, aka Arenas, Gordon, Ellis.

Bad Passes
 Nash PHO 177
 Kidd NJN 120
 Iguodala PHI 118
 Williams UTA 114
 Felton CHA 113
 Tinsley IND 108
 Ford TOR 103
 Alston HOU 100
 Wade MIA 99
 James CLE 98

Two-time defending MVP Steve Nash is not afraid of trying the risky pass. Certainly a number of them go awry, but you don't hear Phoenix complaining, now do you? He still produces roughly four assists for every bad pass, and unlike some players who get "cheap assists" many of Nash's are the real deal feeds.

Players with poor Assist to Bad Pass ratios include Tyrus Thomas (.96), Dampier (1.29), Curry (1.34), Dalembert (1.38), Frye (1.40), Nocioni (1.46), and Petro (1.48)

Lost Ball Turnovers
 Howard ORL 86
 Bryant LAL 68
 Duncan SAS 67
 Mason NOK 65
 Ellis GSW 60
 Arenas WAS 59
 Brand LAC 59
 Curry NYK 56
 Wade MIA 54
 Randolph POR 54

These turnovers can be particularly painful since, like bad passes, they are often steals which head back the other way for easy fastbreak points to double the transgression. Dwight Howard has a very bright future, but cutting down on these types of turnovers should be one objective.

And who is that also cracking the top ten? Why it's Mr. Curry again!

 O'Neal IND 38
 Howard ORL 37
 Butler WAS 30
 Garnett MIN 29
 Duncan SAS 28
 Smith ATL 28
 Brand LAC 27
 Jefferson BOS 26
 Pachulia ATL 25
 Gordon CHI 24
 Morrison CHA 24

Watch those extra steps people! The big men are once more the prime culprits, with Jermaine O'Neal and Dwight Howard going down to the wire on this year's leaderboard race.

'Stache Morrison has had a rough rookie season, and showing up in the top ten for this is not particularly good either.

 Crawford NYK 9
 Felton CHA 9
 Roy POR 8
 Wade MIA 8
 Ellis GSW 7
 Iguodala PHI 7
 Bryant LAL 7
 Gordon CHI 6
 Stoudamire MEM 6
 Terry DAL 6

Back to the original question, and palming/carrying calls are fairly rare in the NBA. Often they occur when a player is about to pick the ball up to make the pass, sees perhaps the pass doesn't look so safe after all and trys to nonchalantly continue dribbling. Then you have the occasional overly officious official who blows the whistle when the dribbler was not in fact gaining any advantage at all.

Double Dribbles
Dbl. Drib
 Gordon CHI 12
 Williams UTA 7
 Head HOU 7
 Pargo NOK 7
 Alston HOU 7
 Crawford NYK 6
 Parker SAS 6
 Livingston LAC 6
 Telfair BOS 6
 Paul NOK 6

For some reason Ben Gordon has almost twice as many double dribble violations as any other player in the league. Making a mockery of the also rans!

What may be more remarkable is that outside of perhaps Tony Parker, the rest of the players are usually young or lightly regarded, for which we can probably think of many possible explanations -- the young guys over-dribble, dribble into a situation and don't quite know how to extricate themselves gracefully, lose focus...or ref bias.

3 Secs
 Curry NYK 34
 Blount MIN 28
 Howard ORL 25
 Dampier DAL 22
 Mourning MIA 18
 Evans DEN 17
 Yao HOU 17
 Ilgauskas CLE 16
 Diop DAL 15
 Duncan SAS 15
 Dalembert PHI 15

There are still other categories of turnover, but we'll finish with another big man favorite: the three seconds in the paint cop.

For his outstanding ability to turn the ball over so frequently in so many ways, we are pleased to award Eddy Curry once again with the King of Turnovers crown. Now if he could just work on his traveling skills...

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