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Random Stat: Who Travels the Most?

Q: Who are the league leaders in traveling? -- Kevin Broom

A: We did look at Offensive Fouls and Ballhandling Turnovers in a random stat look last month, but let's break it down a bit further.

Most Traveling violations
 Anthony DEN 30  60.9 
 Howard ORL 28  39.7 
 Ilgauskas CLE 25  43.2 
 Pierce BOS 24  82.1 
 Magloire MIL 22  36.5 
 Francis ORL 21  52.8 
 Bosh TOR 21  72.3 
 Haywood WAS 20  27.7 
 Kaman LAC 20  40.0 
 O'Neal MIA 20  47.9 
 Garnett MIN 20  77.8 
 Wade MIA 20  98.9 
 James CLE 19  126.4 
 Jefferson BOS 18  27.7 
 Ely CHA 17  32.7 
 Ming HOU 17  55.9 
 Diaw PHO 17  74.0 
 Okur UTA 17  74.0 
 Arenas WAS 17  123.1 
 Blount BOS 16  38.6 
 Curry NYK 16  46.9 
 Thomas SAC 16  49.8 
 Mason NOK 16  54.8 
 Brand LAC 16  99.8 
 Parker SAS 16  100.9 

Most 3-Second violations
 Curry NYK 22  34.1 
 Dampier DAL 21  22.2 
 O'Neal MIA 21  45.6 
 Blount BOS 15  41.1 
 Mourning MIA 14  32.9 
 Brown NOK 14  47.6 
 Mihm LAL 13  52.0 
 Magloire MIL 13  61.7 
 Chandler CHI 11  40.6 
 Ilgauskas CLE 11  98.1 
 Duncan SAS 11  134.1 
 Brown LAL 10  44.0 
 Kaman LAC 10  80.1 
 Blount MIN 27.2 

Most Palming/Double Dribble violations
 Salmons PHI 90.9 
 Head HOU 91.3 
 Wade MIA 247.2 
 Arenas WAS 261.6 
 Telfair POR 99.9 
 Crawford NYK 149.2 
 Knight CHA 202.4 
 Johnson ATL 248.0 
 James CLE 343.0 

So on a pure number of travels basis, we're finding that Carmelo Anthony is the current leader, although several players are within range of passing him by the end of the season.

You'll note the strange header of "Poss/T" which is designed to remedy the fact that some guys have the ball a lot more than others -- this is a wag at a "Possessions per Travels" number with
Poss = FGA + FT Poss + T/O + Ast

If you then look for highest "rate of traveling" by this measure, you're talking:

27.7 Al Jefferson
27.7 Haywood
32.7 Ely
33.6 Olowokandi (Min games)
33.6 Ariza

If you limit it to the "heavy possession users":

39.7 Dwight Howard
43.2 Ilgauskas
52.8 Francis (Orl)
60.9 Anthony
72.3 Bosh

Fewest travels? A number of players have zero travels called on them this season, but Eddie Jones has zero travels with the most 'possessions'.

When you get to three-second violation turnovers you are of course in the domain of the big men who spend the most time banging in the paint and trying to post up.

Not surprisingly then it's Shaq and "baby Shaq" Eddy Curry atop the leaderboard, with the quiet giant Erick Dampier also in the mix, with admittedly a much higher rate of committing the turnover.

If you add together the 3-second blunders of Mark Blount for both his teams this season, then he is actually the main "problem child" in this area with 24 total!

For the true ball handling gaffes, the rarely called palming and double dribbling, you have several of the players who have the rock in their hands all the time, but also a few in Salmons, Head and Telfair who perhaps need to be conscious of this tendency.

As can be seen from the raw numbers though where eight is the highest total for any player, it's a rare enough event in the NBA to get whistled for this.

Do you have an idea for a cool "random stat" you would like to see? If so, drop us a line

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